"On Mighty Pens Soars the Eagle..."

Just happened to be hosted this past Thanksgiving week at The Eagle's Nest in Barnet, VT, a semi-private AirB&B run by Phyllis Nordstrom and Robert Beckhardt. My classical music experience of the day was listening to "The Creation" by Franz Josef Haydn on iPad:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kaI8x-saprI (This was added; not able to delete Google pp.)

With the wonders of creation in immediate view, I had the pleasure of being seated in the first floor living room where, through windows to the left of me, I could look across the Connecticut River Valley to the snow-sprinkled White Mountains of my native New Hampshire.

The windows at my near right looked out on the round-topped Green Mountains of Vermont. Unmistakably blessed, I took in all of this with the music. I think I saw an eagle earlier this week, but not close enough to identify. I realized the significance of place, only as I scanned Part the Second Index of "The Creation," searching for a title for this piece.

Discovered only recently via Google, the Lawrence University Symphony Orchestra's presentation of "The Creation" deserves an hour set aside for replay from time to time. You will find the conductor and soloists outstanding. Google will find it pro tem.

My mother was born on this day in 1894. Her grandparents came from Vermont, although not the so-called Northeast Kingdom from which I just returned home to Maine after the entire Thanksgiving week, 2016. Her Downer family history is noted in the History of Waitsfield, Vermont in the area of Mt. Ascutney. One of Mother's best bedtime stories for us two sisters was about her staying with her family at the Downer Hotel. The story was about the stuffed panther that was a hotel trophy on display, and how it got there.

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom