Vintage Voices

Kennebunk, ME. Sunday, August 12, 2018, 3 p.m., Huntington Common.

Soprano Anne Corriveau & Mezzo-soprano MaryaDanihel: Duo and Solo performances A beautifully choreographed duo performance by outstanding actor-singers brought great joy to a small audience at Huntington Common on Sunday afternoon. A standing ovation was proclaimed in a loud voice by this reviewer, who used her Nordic walking poles to rise in a timely manner during lively applause. ("This is a standing ovation, " said she.) Before retiring as active classical music critic, she often remained seated while eager New England audiences jumped to their feet at the end of any well-performed music. Nordstrom began her music writing career in North Carolina where values seem slightly different. Now in a retirement community, audiences are not always able to follow this standing tradition because of handicaps. Classically trained soloists, Anne Corriveau, soprano, and Marya Danihel, mezzo soprano, gave this accessible vintage music, including Victorian parlor music and spirituals, the polish rarely experienced in retirement home entertainment. Their clever choreography added pizazz to the program. Exquisite piano accompaniment pre-recorded by William Merrill was summoned for each selection with the use of a palmed remote. Opening as a duo with the Richard Rogers and Oscar Hammerstein II show stopper from "State Fair," "It's A Grand Night For Singing," they concluded, once again singing with two rousing voices, with Irving Berlin's "You're Just In Love" from "State Fair." Notable was Anne Corriveau's "Hello, Young Lovers." from "The King and I" by Rogers and Hammerstein II. In the section of Victorian parlor music, the audience was carefully prepared by Ms. Danihel to participate by joining in the chorus of the song, "Loch Lomond," while she also described the historic occasion that the lyrics recall. A competing event was transpiring on the grounds of Huntington Common making the actual audience minuscule in the two story dining room. It is urged that this very program be repeated for the joy of the rest of the residents at a not so distant future time. Believe me, feeling a smile stretched across my face during the entire time, I will not miss the repeat performance!

Mary Elizabeth Nordstrom